The Odyssey (EP #2)

by Transcendency



released April 19, 2014

Produced by Dustin Ridder and Transcendency
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Dustin Ridder
Recorded at Bulletride Productions



all rights reserved


Transcendency Wichita, Kansas

The band has successfully blended skill and many aspects of progressive metal to create a sound that captures melody and beauty, but is relentless in its aggressiveness putting forth their abstract minds. Transcendency has begun their journey to become one of the notable names in the progressive metal community and is releasing their debut full length album this year. ... more

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Track Name: Glass Canon
Moving forward though the world is against you. Rose up from your knees and face them.

These are our lives slipping between the cracks, draining everything deep within ourselves. My confidence is fading, and every breath I take is meaningless.

I can feel my grasp weakening, losing my hold on reality, and the voices inside are coming to get me.

The voices call inside my head. I’m begging for forgiveness, but no ones listening. What have I done to deserve this? Redemption is just beyond my reach.

The daggers blade stabbing my flesh, the blood flowing to the floor and passing through my veins. Take away from me this poison
Track Name: Infinite Focus
Is it a crime to be alive?
We are trapped deep inside ourselves
Lost in time, drowning in our minds, deep under ocean tides
Crashing down I hold my breath, buried alive, the universe is calling me, calling me
I can see the shore, in the distance taunting me
There's no turning back from this dream.
I'm alone in the waves.
So what is left of me, drowning in this place, holding on to what could be
Crashing down I hold my breath, buried alive, the universe is calling me
Track Name: The Abyss
Welcome to the great unknown.
It's the abyss- It's the end of us.
No more can we exist like this. The darkness has taken our lives. Consumed by the need to be. We forget ourselves for the chance. To be one of the many. Lose yourself in the feeling.

The feeling of being one of many. Desire drives us to the brink. We've lost our minds. Journey deep inside the lost world that is our soul. Look deep into us all, we are all the same, fighting with no end in sight.

Dwelling inside the blackness of our hearts and corruption of our minds.

Take the leap into the great unknown
Plunge into depths of your mind.
Explore the abyss just to find it in yourself. As we strive to know it all, we overlook the darkness laying beneath the surface.
Track Name: Complex
The machine has us in its grasp
Holding tightly to the lies of the day
There is no breath to be had
We are choking on the lies they spill
This is what we have
The things they told us
It was all a lie, to lead us astray from the truth
There are beings from the skies
We are not alone
We are not alone in this life
The things we can learn are truly infinite
What can we learn from the heavens?
In the heavens
Do they hold the secrets we desire?
There is beauty in the unknown
Their secrets are free, if you seek it
Track Name: Child of Mind feat. Joey Fenoglio of Sirens
As I take flight one last time, the sky is my temptation.
I can feel the wind beneath my wings.
As I take flight towards the sky, what lays beyond the heavens?
My mind wonders the galaxy.
I am but a meddler in the eyes of angels.

Here I behold all the majesty of life.
All things are known to me here in this place of beauty.

Expansion, the universe lies before me .
Surrounded by stars I fly.
Enlightened, my thoughts have distorted.
I cease to exist once more.

I cease to exist once more.

Take my hand, theres no need to fear.
All things will be answered if you free your mind to it.
Track Name: The Odyssey
As worlds collide, an equinox through time. Simple moments fading and drift away. What memories fading in the darkness of my mind..

To regain the promised hope, a glimmer of light down an endless tunnel. The valley of regret taunting me. What is left but a man made machine? My veins spill oil.

As worlds collide, an equinox through time. Simple moments passing and fade away.

Our heart cries out for redemption, the pain crawling just beneath the skin. Now its our turn to take back what was lost. What was lost.

The odyssey of the trapped mind. All the feelings cascading in the darkness of our being. The human condition is broken.